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Saturday Evening:

So, here I was at a wedding, without my exceptionally handsome husband, when a somewhat intoxicated “friend” at the table announces that my husband must have a “really small penis” because if not for that, he could have anyone. Meaning, in a round about way, that why else would he be with me unless he had a secret defect. Sigh

Monday Evening:

I am stepping off the podium where I was serving as a Town Supervisor when an elderly citizen stopped me to say “you look pretty big, are you pregnant again?”. I wasn’t. Sigh

Tuesday Evening:

I am at the very expensive and upscale gym on the Northshore, complaining to a fellow ETHS alum about the two earlier rude comments when she says ” I am sure you are average for your area”. Meaning that people from my zip code are all obese. Sigh